An Oct. 28 letter to the editor has me thinking of the word “subversion.”

The writer stated “socialism is not the enemy of the USA.”

Our educational system is obviously failing our young people by omitting History 101. Students are now becoming “stooges.” They believe we fought with Germany during WWII against Russia. They are unaware that “fascism” only enveloped Italy at that time because that’s when and where it originated.

And now “socialism” is not the enemy of the USA?

Since when?

Why was the FBI rounding up and jailing socialists, here in the U.S. during the ’20s?

Then we lost over a million and a half young Americans fighting against … let me repeat, against socialism. Germany was our enemy. They didn’t call themselves fascists. They were known as the “National Socialistic Democrats.”

E.L. “Norske” Copstead