Repeating lies doesn’t make them true

Kevin Pine, I voted for you last election, but not any more. Too many Republicans and Trump followers think the election was rigged. Donald Trump was, and is, nothing but a dictator. How many people has he had on his staff that were fired? One was too many.

I wrote President Trump a letter shortly after he was in office and asked him to please get off of his TV show! Donald reminds me of Reverend Jim Jones. Do we remember what he did to his followers? I think only one survived. If you tell enough lies day after day, a lot of people will believe them also.

Make America great again! We sure have more rights than anyone else on earth! If you’ve lived in this country for 40 or 50 years, life’s a bitch. Come in here now, don’t have to pay taxes, free medical, food stamps, get paid under the table, make $200-$400 a day, no SSI. Most are damn hard workers.

People, open your eyes. Ask questions, observe.

Lonnie Yucha