Protect the environment we have

On the Feb. 21, Opinion Page of The Daily World, Jim Leggett of Montesano accuses those opposed to allowing crude oil shipments by rail or ship into Grays Harbor of having a “sky is falling” point of view.

Unfortunately, Mr. Leggett and others fail to recognize the instability of our soils, four recent derailments in our county and the explosive danger of highly volatile crude oil. In Canada, there were 47 deaths following an explosion and fire from “crude by rail.”

Will Mr. Leggett’s statement that “we now have the technology and resources to limit any damage from crude oil” bring those 47 lives back?

While the sky may not be falling, except for recent rain-induced landslides in Aberdeen, Hoquiam and California, we should not be guilty of burying our heads in the sandy, clay soil of Grays Harbor. We must protect the wonderful, delicate environment in which we live.

Robert M. Ford