President is a bad example for our kids

Larry Wakefield’s Oct. 30 letter really resonated with me. I totally agree with him that this president is not fit to be in that position.

I, as a fellow octogenarian, have seen many presidents. I certainly didn’t agree with everything they did, but not one of them was as egotistical, self-serving and downright unpleasant as this one is. He demeans, bullies and disdains anyone who disagrees with him. As a role model, he is teaching our children that these behaviors are totally acceptable and will get you into positions of power. That certainly is not the way I raised my children. He does not seem to understand that we are all in this human race together and that we need each other to get through it.

I do not wish anything bad for him. I just wish he would go back to running his businesses (how many times has he declared bankruptcy?) and leave our country in the hands of those who will honor the rights of all our citizens, try to govern within the bounds of the Constitution, and attempt to make the world a better place, not tear it down.

Arlene Williams

Ocean Shores