Praising Walsh

Bullying in all its forms is in fact a malignant disease that is now a plague of our society. It is a contagious infestation spread by those who, perhaps because of delusional thought or simply blind rage, cannot tolerate any opinion other than their own. Words and behaviors that were once unacceptable in polite society are now accepted, encouraged and rewarded by the liberal news media when directed against Republicans.

In a broader sense, bullying leads to anger, frustration, depression and violence directed both inward and outward toward others.

For this reason I strongly commend Rep. Jim Walsh for his stand against the hurtful and derisive posts on his Facebook website. Even though he may lose some votes in his re-election campaign, he has shown that he has the courage to take a stand against those who would abuse the First Amendment.

The recent well-publicized acts of violence in all honesty cannot be blamed on our president.

Who is to blame?

We are all to blame for not having the courage to push back against the bullying that would intimidate us into silence. Thank you Rep. Walsh for pushing back against the false narrative of blame and against the message of hate.

Tom Greisamer