Poor little tree was the perfect tree

It was a “white winter day” 21 days before Christmas. I and our youngest daughter, “Jennifer” started out to find the “perfect” Christmas tree.” We were dressed for the cold winter day and loaded up our 1978 Ford Bronco with an ax and hand saw and headed up to the mountains to find that “perfect” Christmas tree.

It was an overcast day with lots of white fluffy clouds. We drove off the highway onto a logging road looking for that “perfect” Christmas tree. We came to a wide open field on a point overlooking a valley below. Through the overcast skies, we spotted a stand of trees. As we got out and started to walk out among them, we spotted a very large six-point buck standing on a rock outcropping, with its majestic head up looking over the valley below. What a sight to behold.

As we walked through the stand of trees to find that “perfect” Christmas tree, all of a sudden the clouds parted and the sun’s rays came down and shined on a “Poor Little Tree” standing alone among all the other beautiful frees. It seemed to say, “Please pick me. I would love to share a Merry Christmas with you and your family this Christmas.”

It was far from the “perfect” tree for Christmas. However, it seemed to touch our hearts and my daughter said, “It’s Christmas and the season of “Spirit of Giving. Let’s give this poor little tree the best Christmas ever.”

So we gave that “poor little tree” a real Merry Christmas that year.

R.M. “Ron” Costlow