Pass bills on climate change

As a Grays Harbor resident who loves our wonderful corner of the world, I am deeply concerned about the changes occurring in our atmosphere. The detrimental impacts of the warming of the climate to our forests, fishing, shellfish industry, our future and especially to our children’s future are very disturbing. Moreover, the effects of global warming is the number one threat to our treasured birds and our other wildlife.

I’m proud to live in a state that proposes strong policies to address the impacts of climate change and create jobs in the clean energy economy. Our state is uniquely positioned to lead the way and act on climate in this session. We can cut our reliance on fossil fuels in transportation by passing a Clean Fuels Standard (HB 1110 and SB 5412). We can join a nationwide movement of committing to 100 percent clean electricity with passage of strong HB 1211 and SB 5116 bills. Sustainable clean energy will bring a new economy to our communities providing living wage jobs. The possibilities are endless once we move away from the past fossil fuel economies and into the future with renewables.

I’m counting on Sen. Kevin Van De Wege, Rep. Mike Chapman (a co-sponsor of HB 1211) and Rep. Steve Tharinger to ensure these bills are not weakened. Our children’s well-being depends on our actions this session.

Tammy Domike