Not a Hillary fan

Hillary would continue Obama’s open borders. Trump would have secure borders. John Kerry said the administration is hoping to live in a world without borders. Borders was Trump’s hot button that started his race for president.

Hillary said she has demonstrated her tenacity with 11 hours before Congress. That reason should give us reason to see her stay home.

Trump doesn’t pay taxes. He provides millions of taxpayers who do pay. She has only been a leech on society.

She has lied, cheated and should have been indicted except for a gutless FBI chief who won’t investigate enough to bring charges.

Be warned, with open borders, a powerless Supreme Court, we probably won’t have a country, elections will be unnecessary.

In addition to these comments, if nothing is done about education equality for blacks and other minorities, Planned Parenthood will accomplish what they wanted to do — destroy all black babies. Between inner city murders and abortion, all the minorities will disappear.

The Democrats have been working for this end for years!

Fred Rapp