May 4, RSVP soon

Last year, Harbor Ministers Fellowship — with help from Montesano Mayor Vini Samuel and me — re-launched the Grays Harbor Mayors Prayer Breakfast on the National Day of Prayer.

We are at it again. The date is May 4, which is the National Day of Prayer for 2017.

This year I was again privileged to attend the governor’s prayer breakfast in Olympia. The speaker was Jamie Winship who inspired the attendees with his testimony of living for Jesus in Muslim countries.

This event has been happening since 1941 when then governor Langlie instituted the first one. Washington was the first state ever to do this. The event brings together the governor, statewide elected officials, legislators and leaders from all parties in a non-partisan, non-issue oriented time to honor our Lord Jesus and pray for his guidance and blessing.

We are privileged to have Jamie Winship coming to speak at our Prayer Breakfast this year. The event will again feature O’Brien’s catering and music by Ericka Corban, as well as Bill Brown.

But mostly we are there to pray. Pray for our mayors and our county, state and nation. The world seems like a much scarier place today even compared to last year. We need God’s intervention to help all those serving us.

The event will be at the Rotary Log Pavilion from 7-8:45 a.m. The cost is only $15. Check us out on Facebook by searching “Grays Harbor Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast” and please call 360-532-4419 to RSVP so that we will know how many to prepare for. Please join us and many local mayors and elected officials.

Thirty two years in the Legislature. Many ask me, “Do you miss it?” Yes and No. But I still pray for the legislators and the work they are doing. I pray to a God who listens, cares, loves me and answers prayer. My personal experience tells me that prayer does make a difference. The people of Grays Harbor are worth it. I believe it WILL make a difference.

Jim Hargrove