Liberal causes stifle viewpoints

Rereading Orwell’s “1984,” where he describes a future government that changes the meaning of words and historical actions, I noticed similar actions withsome current groups.

Black Lives Matter is a title and slogan that is absolutely true. However,spokesmen for BLM and their actions make it seem that the real slogan is “ONLYBlack Lives Matter” and they pick for their poster boy victim one who is a shoplifter who defied authority and assaulted a police officer.

Black Lives Matter supporters, along with the LGBT community, act like bullies in the sense that they attempt to denigrate all who disagree with their activities and/or beliefs.The Supreme Court seems to be complicit in changing our society by ignoring the Constitution, which says Congress is to make laws and the Court is to determine whether the laws are valid. The Court did not allow Congress to make a law defininga group (married) for whom they give special support; instead the Court made anew law that allows people of the same gender to marry.

I believe these groups bear a major responsibility for our society being as mixed up as it is. An example is that Black Lives Matter continues the racism in our society at atime when it was declining.

Jim Leggett