Letter to the editor: Car tabs and dictators

What ever happened to the $30 car tabs that the people voted in? A judge stopped it. Then why should you vote?

A lot of people are unemployed or laid off. They sure could use the $30 car tabs. It must be put on the back burner, like climate change and the whales. Gov. Inslee can only think of one thing at a time. He was the guy who ran for President!

Inslee wants the shutdown until July 6. That’s crazy. It was on the TV news Grays Harbor County can be approved for early openings. But our Ocean Shores mayor probably wouldn’t do that. She’s Inslee’s puppet. She way over uses her power like a dictator. We need to put people back to work now, not two months from now.

A lot of little businesses in Ocean Shores and Westport will be going broke and closing their doors. No money for the city.

I’m sure all the governors and mayors are still getting their paychecks.

The Democrat governors of Washington, Michigan and California have abused their power over the people of their state. We have an election coming up and I sure hope the people don’t forget who used their power against the people. We don’t need a dictator for a governor or a mayor. With Inslee, Washington will probably be the last state to open. It seems the Democrats always slow walk everything they do.

Willie Bausus

Ocean Shores