Kahler for judge

Kahler for judge

In support of Kahler

I met Ray Kahler through the Seventh Street Theatre, where he has served on the board of directors for 20 years, the last 14 as president. Initially I didn’t know much about him — my wife is a musician and at first, to me, he was just the guy who read the programs and announced the performers. But gradually I developed a liking for his style, the carefully considered way he did things, how he listened to people, his quiet confidence. Turned out he is a musician too!

Then one day, out walking my dog, I met Ray and his wife, Callie, walking through my neighborhood and learned it was their neighborhood, too. Gradually, over time, we developed a friendship, and I learned more about him. I learned he has been practicing law in Grays Harbor for 20 years and that he has successfully argued three cases before the Washington Supreme Court. I learned that he was an Aberdeen native who graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. Through other friends I learned that he is highly respected in his profession. Judges that I knew and respected through my own profession knew and respected Ray. I learned that I liked the way he thought, his calmness and integrity, his care for people and his concern for Grays Harbor as a community. I liked that he wasn’t a flashy guy, didn’t live in a flashy house or drive a fancy car. I learned that he places great emphasis on doing the right thing but he is also not afraid to admit a mistake. I learned to never doubt his integrity.

So it made me smile when he was appointed to fill the unexpired term of another judge I respected. I thought it was a good choice then, and I do now. I have watched his development as a judge carefully, and I am convinced we could have no better man in that chair.

That’s why I’m supporting Ray Kahler for Grays Harbor Superior Court judge. I hope you will too.

Doug Zimmer