It’s not a witch hunt

In reference to the letter from Linda Schaeffer regarding the alleged “witch hunt” involving President Trump, I would urge readers to keep the following in mind when listening to Republican spin on the Mueller report:

1. Trump lies.

2. We haven’t yet actually seen the report.

3. Multiple jurisdictions — state, federal and local — are continuing to investigate Trump’s activities.

4. Multiple indictments, guilty findings and guilty pleas in multiple courts by multiple members of the Trump campaign and administration have occurred.

5. Many in the Trump administration have lied repeatedly and provably about ties to the Russian government and oligarchy.

6. Ties to the Russian government by Trump, members of his family and administration have resulted in detrimental changes to long standing American policy.

7. Trump administration corruption is rampant, ongoing and illegal.

8. Reference number No. 1, above.

It isn’t a “witch hunt” if there are actual witches.

Diane Wolfe