Green energy not quite baked

I think I’m on firm ground saying conservatives are not against “Green Energy.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but any sovereign nation needs to be energy independent. In doing so, one form of energy or another needs to be ensured. Giving preference to oil, versus green alternatives at THIS time is essential, as petroleum works.

To what degree we subsidize petroleum is a great discussion to have, but having a reliable independent energy source is a matter of sovereignty, in the world of nations, just as a show of military force is just as essential.

A case in point is residential solar energy. Without government subsidies, it simply doesn’t pencil out in a majority of northern states. Would you buy a solar system for your home in this state if government subsidies were not given?

Be honest.

Green Energy (pardon the pun) is still very green, and not ready to stand on its own feet yet. By nature, conservatives are not prone to gamble on an unsure bet. Let green technology continue to develop, and don’t elect a leader that tries to put the cart before the horse.

Everything in it’s own time.

Denny Martin