Frasier is labor candidate

I recently found an interesting disparity between Erin Frasier and Jim Walsh. Erin is generously supported and endorsed by labor and working people’s organizations but not corporations. Indeed, she recently sent a donation check back because it came from a corporation.

On his campaign literature, Walsh claims he is endorsed by organized labor.

Erin Frasier has more than 200 endorsements on her website and more than a dozen workers’ groups’ endorsements from machinists, laborers, teachers, nurses and more.

Erin has many years of experience in education, advocacy for working people, and rural economic development. Having grown up as the 5th generation in the district and having worked for many years with the Legislature, she is uniquely qualified to help Southwest Washington become an economic powerhouse of its own making. We can build this district for ourselves by ourselves and Erin Frasier will help us do that.

Alan Richrod