Forum on domestic violence

Monday is the United Nations World Day of Social Justice Observance.

The issues of social justice are many and sometimes difficult to define. One simplified definition of social justice is that it is society’s responsibility to protect the vulnerable members of society by insuring them the basic freedoms enjoyed by the other members of society.

We, at Altrusa International of Central Grays Harbor, have chosen to refine that down to a very specific group of people in our community — the victims of domestic violence.

Often domestic violence goes undetected or misunderstood by those outside the situation. Those directly involved often feel they have no where to turn for help.

We are sponsoring a public forum on Monday, Feb. 20, in the community room at The Shoppes at Riverside at 6 p.m. to discuss the issues surrounding domestic violence. Presenters from the Aberdeen Police Department, Domestic Violence Center and NW Justice Project will share information about safety, shelter and support for victims of domestic violence.

This forum is for everyone, whether or not they are involved in a domestic violence situation. People will learn more about recognizing the signs of domestic abuse and how the care and protection of victims happens. There will be opportunities to ask questions and contact numbers for more information.

We invite the community to share in this event and the observance of the UN’s World Day of Social Justice.

Jeani Shofner, secretary

Altrusa International of Central Grays Harbor