Ex-super supports candidates

I am asking the South Bend community for their continued support of Dave Eastham, Todd Strozyk and Steve Rogers in their current school board positions for the South Bend School District.

As the former superintendent of the district, I know first hand the outstanding job these three individuals do for our kids, staff and community. They are unselfish and dedicated to making our school district one that is well respected. They all understand budgets and are great stewards of your money!

Many people don’t understand or realize the many challenges and difficult decisions that board members can be faced with. Our current board is thoughtful, sensible and rational in their decision- making, but also not afraid of making the tough decisions that need to be made in any school district. Each of these board members are longtime community members who know and understand the community and its needs from a school district perspective.

The current South Bend School Board was just recently recognized as the top school board in the state! Let this great board and these three outstanding board members continue to do their good work and continue to make South Bend “A Great Place for Kids.”

Mike Morris

SB School Superintendent – Retired