‘Enough of your buffoonery, Jim, you’ve become an embarrassment’

So, once again Jim Walsh has shown us that he is not the right person for the job of representing Washingtonians in Olympia or anywhere else.

Two years ago, he shows up at the Washington Legislature wearing a yellow vest in protest. This idea copied yellow vests worn by European protesters. Not very original.

Recently he chose to wear a yellow Star of David to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates, which follows the actions of a Tennessee hat shop owner. Again, not original.

Apparently, Walsh is not capable of coming up with original ideas to address his concerns.

What we need now are problem solvers with original thoughts and solutions to be implemented.

That’s what leaders are. People that are able to think outside the box, come up with original ideas, not bad clown actors that are followers.

Enough of your buffoonery, Jim, you’ve become an embarrassment and it’s time for you step down.

Bob Nakutin