Elma Senior Center contributions

Some really great things have been happening at the Elma Senior Center! For many years our ladies have been busy spreading warmth and smiles all around Western Washington, with generous donations from the “Warm Company” and individuals. Just recently that included blankets, hats and sleeping bags.

Twenty baby blankets made by our own 91-year-old Doris Burton were given to Children’s Hospital in Seattle. Doris does this four times a year. Two well-made sleeping bags were made by donated fabric and are helping to keep two homeless people warmer.

Four hundred pillow cases were made by Sandi Parks and given to Children’s Hospital, also from donated fabric, all from the Grays Harbor area. She also does this all year long.

A whopping 106 hats were lovingly made from yarn given to the Senior Center for the Children”s Hospital. Our ladies are busy taking care of others while enjoying time with their friends and neighbors. All of this is from the help of the good friends of Grays Harbor.

We could not do this without everyone’s support. We are all so thankful for the opportunity to give back to our community and bring comfort to many new friends.

Denise Osgood

Elma Senior Center