Do you believe Trump, or your doctor?

I’m sitting here in my den, watching television and finding myself appalled at the lack of reasoning of individuals who refuse to wear masks in public, or who refuse to socially distance themselves from others. Their excuses vary from “It violates my civil rights,” “The masks are too ugly,” “It’s all a big hoax,” “Masks are too hot and uncomfortable,” “The government can’t tell me what to do,” “This is not a Communist country,” “It’s degrading,” etc.

I am also appalled that the local Walmart and Safeway stores do not enforce a policy of denying service to those who are not wearing or will not wear masks, thus putting their customers in jeopardy.

More than 150,000 people have died in this country, because they became infected with coronavirus and almost 16,000,000 have become infected with the plague.

How much more evidence do these people need to know how deadly this pandemic can be? Would they prefer to stand up for their beliefs and perhaps die? Or perhaps, wear a mask, be socially distant and perhaps help bring this pandemic to an end? It is a shame that our common sense seems to have left this country and that our self-preservation is no longer a virtue.

This is not a game people. This is life or death for millions. This may be the end of a way of life and the beginning of a slow and steady mass extinction.

Go ahead. Pay no attention to the medical experts. Go along with the Trumpian philosophy that claims this virus will magically disappear. But ask yourself before it does disappear, how many more millions of lives will it take with it?

When your time comes, and you are suffering the prolonged agonies of this terrible affliction, and you find out there are no more ventilators available for your use, who are you going to turn to then? The Donald, the liar, the promoter of drinking your medicine, whatever that is, the “leader” of all men? Or perhaps you may turn to your doctor. The one who attended medical school for eight years, the one who had actual medical training and experience.

Take your pick. It’s only your life in the balance.

Larry Wakefield