Democrats aren’t helping

Democrats aren’t helping

A recent Associated Press story I read in another newspaper carrried a headline that stated: “Trump won places drowning in despair, but can he save them?” The story was about Aberdeen and the headline was accurate. Trump is attempting to save places drowning in despair like Aberdeen, but Congress is fighting him the entire way.

When Trump first ran for office, I decided to support him in spite of his being a blowhard and a loudmouth. What were my options? I could throw away my vote on a 3rd party; I could support a socialist (aka a new Democrat) under FBI investigation; or I could vote for Trump.

President Trump has good ideas but needs congressional help. Congressional Democrats are no help. The Democrat Party brought you the “despair” mentioned in AP story. Look at any political map. Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, New York are the Democrat hangouts. When will Aberdeen wake up and see that left-wing Seattle’s friend is the new Democrat party.

Many old-time Democrats, Democrats like State Sen. Tim Sheldon of the 35th District, say that “They did not leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left them.” It was the new Democrats who discovered the spotted owl that destroyed Washington’s logging industry. It was the new Democrats who prevented an oil refinery in Aberdeen. It is the new Democrats who hijacked our Legislature over the Hirst decision on water.

As this AP article stated, Aberdeen is drowning in despair and the only thing the new Democrats can do is ask for more taxes and regulations. Seattle has a new tunnel that is over budget and way behind schedule and you are paying for it, thanks to Seattle-focused new Democrats paying homage to Microsoft millionaires and Amazon aristocrats.

Grays Harbor County should get rid of every single Democrat legislator. They impede rural progress in Aberdeen in favor of Seattle. Nationally, Sen. Maria Cantwell should be fired. She promised to fix the Veterans Administration, but did nothing. Trump fixed it in six months. He fired incompetent workers. He approved veterans going to outside doctors if they could not get a prompt VA appointment.

In 2018, Aberdeen should fire Marie Cantwell, all Democrat legislators, and all Republican legislators who push Seattle’s agenda over our rural agenda.

In other words: Re-elect no one!

Ardean A. Anvik