Corporate media undermining Bernie

Corporate media undermining Bernie

I am writing because in two days in September there were three articles featuring Elizabeth Warren and portraying her as the “best chance” to change the path this country is on.

On Sept. 17, the first article on page A5 was titled, “New Warren Plan would build a wall between lobbyists and policy.” Money in politics is definitely a huge issue but this “new plan” of Warren’s is not worth the paper it is written on. Warren has stated publicly she will not take super pac money during the primary but she will be happy to in the general election. You can’t take money from corporations and lobbyists and then be expected to act in the best interest of the people! The article states “Warren’s message of drastic change mirrors that of Senator Bernie Sanders, with whom she’s in a close competition for second place in Democratic polls.” What it doesn’t say is that Bernie Sanders has been making an issue of this for over 30 years while just three years ago Elizabeth Warren stood on the primary stage and endorsed Hillary Clinton — the poster child for lobbyist and corporate control of the democratic party and of Congress.

The second story in the same issue of the Daily World ran on page A7 and was titled “Elizabeth Warren just proved she’s the best candidate.” This “opinion piece” came from an LA Times columnist. The positions she admires Warren for having are all positions another presidential candidate has been fighting for his entire career. Every single one of them! The writer says she is “drawn to Warren’s sincerity, experience and unwavering commitment to her principles.” Three years ago Warren was supporting a person for president who was the darling of Wall Street, big pharma and the military industrial complex and at the same time turning her back on Bernie Sanders who was championing all of the positions Warren now says are hers.

The last story was on Sept. 18. The title on page A10 read “Trump mocks Warren’s NYC crowd.” It points out the big turnout at a Warren rally and displays Trump’s take on how easy it is to get a crowd there but the telling aspect appears toward the end. It talks about polls and how many “Dems” are beating Trump. The article states “The RealClearPolitics average of seven national surveys gives her (Warren) a 5.2 percentage-point lead over Trump.” It goes on to say “One poll in that average, conducted by Quinnipiac University, showed her with a 12 point lead in a general election race.” What the author did not bother to tell you is in that same poll which said Warren would win by 12 % it said that Bernie Sanders would beat Trump by 14%. Why not tell readers about someone who has an even better chance of beating Trump? The reason is simple. The Daily World is owned by a corporation and corporations do not want Bernie Sanders in the oval office. He has fought them his entire career. He has championed the working class of America over the corporate class his entire life.

The fact is, if Bernie Sanders does not get 50%+1 in the first primary vote the democratic superdelegates get to weigh in and you can be sure that they will not give Elizabeth Warren the nomination. Even though she is far more corporate friendly than Sanders, the ruling class of corporate titans and corporate owned politicians will put Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket. Warren is simply being boosted to make sure Sanders does not get the 50% he needs.

Please consider this. If given a choice between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden you would vote for Biden then by all means, feel free to vote for Warren or Mayor Pete or Kamala in the primary but if you would rather see Sanders run off against Donald Trump than Joe Biden you need to give Bernie your support now, in the primary where we have a chance to get an honest person, dedicated to representing all of us in a position to make a real difference.

So much is riding on this. Please understand when the media, which is owned by the corporations who want to stay in power pushes their agenda like running positive Warren articles in rapid succession it is biased coverage. There is only one presidential candidate with a consistent track record of honesty, integrity and a commitment to the people of this country and the corporate world would rather you believe he doesn’t deserve your vote. #WakeUpAmericans #Sanders2020

Mike Coverdale