Closing Aberdeen homeless camp hard-hearted

The mayor of the City of Aberdeen, Pete Schave, is callously ordering for the closing of the only sanctioned camp in the entire county. People with some stability in their life are given a map of the city with areas marked for where they can pitch a tent and where they can’t. Thanks a lot, Pete.

And on the heals of right-wingers at the county level saying “No” to a shelter. Thanks a lot Kevin and Jill.

This is another failure in a long list of ways society is failing each other. The worst part is that this is a well thought out plan by those with money who are in power in this country to divide us and keep us fighting with each other for their scraps.

Why else do you think people who subscribe to one party or ideology are all fighting against helping lift people out of poverty? And why do you think people in the other party don’t fight hard enough against it?

Keep feeding each other, friends.

And for God sakes get (and keep) these people who work against the people out of office.

Marianna Everson