Bright lights on climate change

How long has the earth been warming up?

The answer might be ever since the Ice Age and probably it’s still in progress.

Scientists most likely have an answer for all of this.

The general public, with an interest in the past as it relates to the earth’s core and ambient temperature will of course have an opinion on this.

I, of course, haven’t a clue/opinion.

We are told the combustion of hydrocarbons and the resultant carbon dioxide emissions are contributing to the earth’s slow rise in temperature.

So what can the general public do to help reduce this increase in carbon pollution?

I don’t know when the practice of driving with the car lights on in broad daylight became a common thing but car manufacturers have programmed that feature into the ignition switch. It’s not rocket science to say that if headlights require about 100 watts of electrical energy the car engine must produce that energy via the alternator.

As I began playing with numbers such as engine efficiency, fuel energy, time and vehicle numbers in a spreadsheet the calculations produced some surprising results.

All the variables can be changed to whatever one finds to be ball park so that’s what was done.

So how much carbon dioxide is pumped into the air by 2o million cars driving two hours a day in broad daylight with the headlights and tail lights on?

Carbon dioxide 7,137,466 pounds per day, 49,962,261 pounds per week and 2,598,037,568 a year.

A friend of mine reminds me of this statement: “There are consequences for every action” and here we can see that has come to lights, no pun intended.

I would like to see a real scientist and mathematics professor provide his or her numbers.

Richard Bogar