Bless soldiers’ mothers

On a deserted runway, a cargo plane gave up its dead in a wooden box. In a town nearby, a pealing doorbell brought a son’s mother to her front door, where a never-extinguished green porch light and her star on its window stood vigilant, waiting.

Upon opening that door, her mother’s heart sank to its knees, as she surveyed the two uniformed soldiers standing there. She heard only: “Ma’am, we regret to inform you that your son was killed. …”

Like too many others, this mother’s son traded his blood for our free America. And like so many, these sons’ mothers serve bravely on the home front, keeping the fires of welcome burning. And their endless prayers for God’s divine protection around their brave sons and daughters, still being sacrificed for the sacred cause for freedoms, so often taken for granted. A harsh reminder of the terrible price still being paid.

God bless America, these mothers and our brave American soldiers!

Lest we never forget!

Linda Schaeffer