An eight-step plan

An upset 89-year-old’s view of U.S.A. problems:

1. Eliminate the electoral college. Let the people decide by vote.

2. Require the Supreme Count to only make unanimous decisions. Nine of the best citizens of education and experience must think the rest of us are already split 50-50 or 40-60.

3. Eliminate the two-party system of enforced influence. We elect our choice of member to use their own wisdom not to be pressured by some party official ideas.

4. Decide the seating arrangement by assignment, not by sides.

5. Gun control — Anyone convicted of threatening anyone with a gun or knife shall receive a long jail sentence with no parole. Who will risk this for a few bucks? This is a good start on guns.

6. DUI conviction requires auto confiscation plus jail time. Rich people lose their Cadillac, poor people lose their Ford. Fair trade! We confiscate a gun for a threat to one person, why not take a car for threat to many people? Politicians will not pass this law because almost all have and still will DUI.

7. Balanced budget vs. contract deadline — Congress, all educated and experienced officials, must meet the deadline or continue negotiations with no pay, plus a fine. That’s what plain contractors have to do. Fair is fair.

8. Homeless — The more you help them, the more there are. They’re coming from California to Seattle. Use present money to provide work projects similar to the W.P.A. in the ’30s.

Doug Rice