A plan that’s disastrous

I attended the forum for the 19th Legislative District candidates recently at Aberdeen High. It appears that the Republican candidates agree that smaller government is best and that the private sector can take care of the following issues: mental health, physical health, homelessness, education, roads, bridges, economic growth for small and large businesses, climate change and more!

One has to wonder where all the private money will come from. It hasn’t been very much in evidence up until now. So Jim Walsh, Susan Pederson and Jimi O’Hagan will be expecting all you rich folks in the 19th to pony up and take care of us! They must figure you’ve been holding back because, well, just because. But with them in charge, you’ll be sure to handle it all, won’t you?

I guess they think it’s better to have a few private funders spend most of their money on the millions of dollars of needed investment in communities than to spread out minimal costs to all of us through — dare I say it? — taxation!

Sounds like a plan. A disaster plan.

Linda Orgel