45 was not our lucky number

Impeachment: A word that should strike fear into anyone who is being considered the target of this action. Pardon me while I plagiarize just a little in my opening statement, but it seems appropriate. When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a population to rid itself of an abhorrent, cruel, malicious, obscene, unethical, venal, worthless and lying so-called president, that time seems to have arrived. I simply cannot believe it has taken this long for the Democratic Party to finally make the decision to look into impeaching this “person” and I use the word loosely, who, by all ethical and moral standards is a blot on the human race.

I have been on this earth since 1935. During those 84 years, I have seen 14 presidents in office, during good times, bad times and through crisis after crisis. I have not always agreed with some of the policies they have set forth or some of the laws which were passed during their administrations. I did not even like some of them as people, but at least they were people, and most of them had only the best of intentions for the populace, the country and the world at large. As a side note, out of the prior 44 presidents we have elected, only 15 have served more than one term. Only four have served more than two terms.

All of the above, with a few exceptions, served honorably, honestly and with one purpose in mind: to serve the people of this country to the best of their ability and to protect and obey the Constitution of the United States of America.

Unfortunately, we are now stuck with Number 45; Donald J. Trump.

This is a “man” who it seems cannot open his mouth to speak without telling a lie. Who cannot stand to have anyone criticize his mannerisms, his policies, his absolute misunderstanding of the Constitution, his inability to understand the limits of his power and his lack of empathy for those who need it most. A man who rips children from their parents, kidnapping them in the name of justice. A man who shows no remorse or understanding for the many acts of civil unrest he has caused. A man who openly, and disgracefully, hobnobs with the despots of the world and revels in their “friendship.” A man who disregards every basic human emotion, except hate. This is not a president, this is a wanna-be dictator in training.

I hope and pray with every fiber of my being that this impeachment process results in the removal of this charlatan from office and that the Republican Party will finally come to their senses, see the folly of their blind obedience to his criminal policies and return to being normal, reasonable and ordinary people, before they destroy all their credibility. A credibility which they have failed, miserably, to demonstrate during the past three or four years.

Larry Wakefield