Retail boot camp switched to webinar format

Greater Grays Harbor Inc.’s Wednesday retail business boot camp has been changed from a live event to a remote webinar, the regional chamber of commerce announced Monday.

“We are changing Wednesday’s boot camp to a remote webinar format following guidance from trusted public health organizations,” read the announcement.

There will be no in-person meeting. You will attend remotely through your computer, at this link:, Meeting ID: 655 194 023.

Content will begin at 5:30 p.m. sharp, and you will be admitted from the virtual “waiting room” at 5:25 p.m.

Questions for presenters can be submitted via the included chat box. Greater Grays Harbor asks participants keep microphones on mute to help keep the webinar on schedule.

You can also access the content via telephone, 669-900-6833, passcode 655 194 023.

The good news about going with the webinar is the event is no longer restricted by the size of the room. The event sold out early last week, but with the new format registration has been re-opened. We sold out early last week, but have just re-opened registration. The event is linked on the Greater Grays Harbor Facebook page,