The Blue Beacon is located at 406 S. Boone Street in Aberdeen.

The Blue Beacon is located at 406 S. Boone Street in Aberdeen.

Nine months after fire, Blue Beacon reopens to big crowds

The Blue Beacon, a South Aberdeen landmark diner for decades, reopened Friday, and word spread fast — like butter melting on a hot pancake.

The restaurant and lounge on Boone Street had been closed for more than nine months after a kitchen fire gutted the place on the morning of New Year’s eve last year.

But business has been booming since it opened Friday morning, so much so, the staff has been a bit overwhelmed, said longtime owner Charlotte Grimblot.

“I got no rest yesterday,” she said with a smile. “I’m very happy, but I am very tired,” she said as she was starting a shift behind the bar Saturday afternoon. “We have all all new cooks,” she added, so people will have to be a little bit patient.”

That’s not all that’s new. The restaurant boasts a shiny new kitchen and dining room as the inside of the building pretty much had to be rebuilt and all new equipment purchased. There’s even a fresh coat of the Beacon’s signature bright blue paint on the exterior.

Grimblot said other than some dishes and a few pots and pans, little was salvageable from the fire and just about everything in the place is new. The menu is still the same, she said, but some items are still not available as she rebuilds her food inventory over the coming weeks.

“We had nothing — nothing,” she said. “That’s why we’re still a bit limited on the menu right now. But as time goes on, we’ll get there — nine and a half months is a long time.”

She was grateful for all the support from loyal customers who have been showing up in droves.

“We’ve been running our butts off, but I want to thank everybody for the great turnout. Just please be patient with us.”

The Blue Beacon opens every day at 5 a.m. for coffee and for food. The kitchen closes at 10 p.m., but there’s a limited menu available until the lounge closes each night at 2 a.m.