PWRCard Reviews – Does It Work? Legit or Fake Power Bank Device Charger?

PWRCard is a portable power bank designed to charge your devices quickly.

Available exclusively online from the official website, PWRCard claims to be the world’s thinnest charger. It’s capable of fitting inside any wallet.

Does PWRCard work? Can it power your phone and other devices? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about PWRCard and how it works today in our review.

What is PWRCard?

According to the manufacturer, PWRCard is the world’s thinnest charger. Like other power banks, PWRCard holds a charge, allowing you to power up smartphones and other electronics anywhere you go.

However, PWRCard isn’t thick or bulky unlike other power banks: it’s thin and lightweight. The credit card-sized device fits inside any wallet while providing enough power to charge a phone fully.

Each PWRCard comes with power cables for both Android and iPhone. These power cables are tucked into the corner of the device, which means they’re always accessible.

Pull the power cable out anytime, then retract it into the device. Because of this feature, you don’t need to carry additional chargers or cables with you – take a single credit card-sized PWRCard to recharge your phone at any point.

PWRCard is exclusively sold online, where it’s temporarily available for 50% off the ordinary retail price. You can pay just $49.99 for PWRCard today – compared to the regular retail price of $99.98.


PWRCard Benefits

Some of the benefits of PWRCard include:

  • World’s thinnest phone charger
  • It easily fits into a wallet or pocket
  • Premium, durable, high-quality design
  • Ultra-fast charging technology
  • Built-in charging cables for Apple and Android
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and 60-day refund policy

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How Does PWRCard Work?

PWRCard works similarly to other portable power packs available today. You charge the device using a standard USB cable. Then, it holds a charge as long as you need it.

What makes PWRCard unique, however, is the small size. Conventional power packs are bulky. Some are 0.5” to 1” thick or larger. Some are too heavy or bulky to fit in a purse, pocket, or wallet.

PWRCard, meanwhile, is about the size of a credit card, and it’s thin enough to fit inside any ordinary wallet card holder slot. It’s not quite as thin as a credit card, although it does claim to be “the world’s thinnest phone charger” overall.

You can easily carry PWRCard in your wallet, pocket, purse, or backpack. Of course, it also easily slides into luggage, backpacks, and more.

By always carrying a charged PWRCard with you, you can ensure you never need to worry about a dead phone battery again.

How to Use PWRCard

PWRCard is easy to use, even for those with limited tech skills or experience.

Here’s how to use PWRCard:

Step 1) Charge PWRCard using any ordinary USB port – like the one on your computer or a wall outlet.

Step 2) Plug your phone into PWRCard using the included charging cables for iOS and Android.

Step 3) Use your recharged phone. Each PWRCard can charge an average smartphone from 0% to 100% without recharging.

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PWRCard Features

There are other portable power packs available today, including thin battery packs with a similar design to PWRCard. What makes PWRCard unique?

Here are some of the features that distinguish PWRCard from other portable power banks and charging products available today:

World’s Thinnest Phone Charger: The primary advantage of PWRCard is that it’s the world’s thinnest phone charger. According to the official website, there’s no portable phone charger in the world thinner than PWRCard.

Fits in Any Pocket or Wallet: PWRCard isn’t quite as thin as a credit card, but it is light enough to fit into any pocket or wallet – including the credit card slots on your wallet. If you don’t want to carry a charger in your backpack or purse, you can easily take PWRCard wherever you go.

Powerful, Fast Charging: PWRCard can quickly charge your phone. Other portable battery packs may take hours to charge your phone. PWRCard takes a different approach by quickly charging your phone.

Durable Materials Built to Last: PWRCard is made from durable materials and is built to last. Even when jostled in your pocket and carried in all environments, you can easily use PWRCard for years into the future.

Ultra Light: PWRCard has an ultra-light design. It’s so light; you may not even know you’re carrying it.

Works with Any Device: PWRCard has built-in charging cables for Apple and Android devices. You can charge smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices using PWRCard.

Built-in Charging Cable in Corner: PWRCard has a built-in charging cable in the corner. Because of this charging cable, you don’t need to carry around your cable all the time; instead, you can carry around PWRCard and use it any time you need to charge your phone or tablet.

Charges Many Modern Smartphones from 0% to 100%: PWRCard has a 2,500mAh battery, which is large enough to charge many modern smartphones fully. Some of today’s smartphones have batteries larger than 3,000mAh, which means you may be unable to fully charge them with PWRCard. However, each PWRCard has enough juice to charge most smartphones to 50% or higher, giving you plenty of power for all situations.

Easy to Use with No Tech Skills Required: If you can plug in your phone to charge it, you can use PWRCard. It’s easy to use with no tech skills required.

Temporarily Available for 50% Off: As part of a late 2023 promotion, PWRCard is available at 50% off the ordinary retail price. Instead of paying $100 for PWRCard as you usually would, you’ll pay just $50 or less by ordering online today through the official website.

Recharge Fully Dead or Nearly Dead Devices: Out on the town with a dead phone? Need to call an Uber, but your phone is dead? PWRCard can recharge fully dead or nearly dead devices, and it has enough juice to recharge a battery from 0 to 100% on many modern smartphones.

Holds Charge for Months: After you charge PWRCard, it has a charge for months. You can leave it in your car or backpack, then take it out whenever you need a charge.

LED Battery Level Display: Check how much battery is in your PWRCard at any time via the LED battery level display. That display shows exactly how much juice is remaining.

60-Day Moneyback Guarantee: All PWRCard purchases come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can request a complete refund within 60 days.

4.8 Star Average Rating: PWRCard has an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on the official website, with 89% of reviewers giving it a perfect 5-star score.

Charge Using Any USB Port: You can quickly recharge PWRCard using any USB port – like the USB ports on your computer or the USB ports on certain electrical outlets.

Included Apple & Android Charging Cables: Your PWRCard has Android and Apple charging cables built into the corner. Retract these cables at any point to charge your Android or Apple device.

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PWRCard Tech Specs

PWRCard’s technical specifications include:

  • Dimensions: 3.79” x 2.41” x 0.33” (96.3mm x 61.2mm x 8.4mm)
  • Battery Capacity: 2,500 mAh
  • Charging Cable Compatibility: Apple and Android
  • Battery Type: Lithium polymer
  • Case Material: Durable ABS plastic

PWRCard Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

PWRCard has strong reviews online from customers worldwide who have used the portable power bank as a reliable power source.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official website:

Many customers describe PWRCard as “a lifesaver” for helping them charge their phones in various situations. Maybe you’re trapped on the road away from an electrical outlet. Perhaps you’re at a concert and need to call an Uber after the show. Whatever the situation, PWRCard can help you charge your phone while being thin and portable.

PWRCard is as light and portable as advertised, and many customers are impressed by how much charge the battery carries, given its small frame. Some have it in a pocket or wallet, while others keep PWRCard with them at all times in their purse, backpack, or car.

Many customers like the peace of mind they get with PWRCard. Instead of carrying their power cable with them at all times or worrying about the nearest electrical outlet, they can relax knowing they can recharge their device at any time with PWRCard.

One customer describes PWRCard as “perfect for emergencies,” claiming his power pack “saved my butt more than once.”

Many customers are impressed by how quickly PWRCard charges their devices. While other portable chargers go so slowly, PWRCard charges quickly. One customer claims PWRCard charged her phone “from 5-10 percent to 100 in about 20 mins,” which is faster than conventional fast charging technology (although she admits she has an old phone with a small battery, so charging times may vary).

PWRCard is popular with travelers, and many people have taken PWRCard on plane trips, overseas vacations, and anywhere else they may need to charge their devices while away from electrical outlets.

Overall, PWRCard has an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 from customers. Most customers agree that PWRCard works as advertised to power their electronic devices while being ultra-thin and portable.

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PWRCard Pricing

PWRCard is usually priced at $99.98. However, as part of a late 2023 promotion, the manufacturer has reduced the price to just $49.99. You could save even more by ordering multiple PWRCards at once.


Here’s how pricing works when ordering PWRCard online today:

  • Order one PWRCard for $49.99
  • Order two PWRCards for $99.99 ($49.99 Per card)
  • Order three PWRCards for $111.99 ($37.33 Per card)
  • Order four PWRCards for $142.99 ($35.75 Per card)

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Each PWRCard has everything you need to charge it and your electronic devices. The card has a charging cable tucked into the corner, which means you have everything you need to use PWRCard to its full potential.

PWRCard Refund Policy

All PWRCard purchases come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You have 60 days to request a refund on your PWRCard purchase if you’re unhappy for any reason.

If you read the fine print, you’ll learn this refund policy only applies to unopened products in their original packaging. You cannot receive a refund if you have already opened or used your PWRCard and were unhappy with its performance.

Contact PWRCard

PWRCard is made by a Fairfield, New Jersey-based company.

You can contact the makers of PWRCard via the following:

  • Email: pwrcard@rephelpdesk.com
  • Phone: 1-888-797-8242
  • Mailing Address: 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004

Final Word

PWRCard is a stylish, ultra-thin portable charging device that is thin enough to fit into a pocket or wallet.

Quick and straightforward to use, PWRCard can recharge your phone while being thin and unobtrusive. In fact, it’s the world’s thinnest phone charger.

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