Green Glucose Reviews – Does It Work?

Green Glucose is a powdered nutritional supplement that supports healthy blood sugar and weight.

Available exclusively online, the supplement uses a blend of organic green superfoods – Spirulina, barley, and wheatgrass – to achieve targeted effects.

Does Green Glucose work? How does Green Glucose work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the blood sugar support supplement today in our review.

What is Green Glucose?

Green Glucose is a blood sugar support supplement designed to maintain healthy blood sugar levels at any age.

Packed with organic green superfoods and complementary ingredients, Green Glucose aims to support multiple aspects of health and wellness for better digestion, slower sugar absorption, improved energy, and more.

Key ingredients in Green Glucose include Spirulina, wheatgrass, alfalfa, barley, and other green superfoods. Plus, the formula contains a blend of mushroom extracts (like cordyceps and Reishi), digestive enzymes, probiotics, natural sources of fiber, and low glycemic sweeteners, among other active ingredients.

Green Glucose is priced at $79 per tub. Each tub contains 28 servings (28 scoops). You take one scoop daily to promote healthy blood sugar.

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Green Glucose Benefits

Some of the benefits of Green Glucose, according to the official website, include:

  • Eliminate food cravings and suppress appetite
  • Support healthy blood sugar levels
  • Light, great-tasting formula with apple and goji berry
  • A blend of green superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, and other complementary ingredients
  • Support energy, digestion, inflammation, detoxification, and more
  • Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee

How Does Green Glucose Work?

The primary goal of Green Glucose, as you may have guessed from the name, is to target blood glucose or blood sugar.

According to the manufacturer, Green Glucose “provides powerful support for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels” and “contains multiple proven ingredients with beneficial properties.”

In addition to Spirulina and wheatgrass, Green Glucose contains medicinal mushrooms, digestive enzymes, and active ingredients. Some ingredients are explicitly designed to help with blood sugar, while others help with inflammation and related benefits.

The makers of Green Glucose market the supplement to anyone – including those with “blood sugar issues” (i.e., diabetics) or anyone looking to boost digestion, health, and overall energy. Whether you’re struggling with blood sugar or want a daily health remedy, Green Glucose could help support a range of effects.

Unlike other green superfood formulas, Green Glucose is designed to taste good. Different green superfood formulas can taste grassy or have an unpleasant sweetness. Green Glucose works differently: it’s flavored with apple and goji berry and sweetened with stevia, giving it a light but pleasant flavor.

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Green Glucose Ingredients

Green Glucose blends green superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, and natural sources of fiber.

Here are the active ingredients in Green Glucose and how they contribute to its functional effects:


Spirulina is a species of blue-green algae commonly found in dietary supplements. Today, Spirulina is prized for being rich in vitamins and minerals. It has exceptionally high levels of vitamins E, C, and B6. Some take Spirulina daily for a healthy immune system, while others take it for inflammation or general health and wellness. Spirulina is the base ingredient in many leading green superfood supplements sold online today.


Barley is a type of grass and cereal grain grown around the world. Some see barley as a superfood because it contains fiber, molybdenum, manganese, selenium, and other micronutrients. More importantly, barley is also a low glycemic grain with soluble and insoluble fiber, making it valuable for blood sugar. 95% of adults don’t get their daily recommended intake of fiber. Adding more fiber to your diet can slow the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream, lowering the impact of carb-heavy or sugary meals.


Wheatgrass is a superfood packed with nutrients and natural antioxidants. Like barley, it’s a type of grass. Some take wheatgrass for weight loss, inflammation, cholesterol, and other targeted effects. You can take it in juice or powdered form. In Green Glucose, wheatgrass collaborates with active ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support overall health, including blood sugar and energy levels.


Alfalfa is a type of hay best known for feeding livestock. Today, however, alfalfa is a foundational part of many green superfood formulas – including Green Glucose. In Green Glucose, alfalfa provides a strong dose of protein and vitamin K, along with lower levels of other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Alfalfa, or lucerne, is a powerful addition to Green Glucose’s superfood ingredients.


Broccoli is known for being one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet, and many people eat broccoli daily for general health. In Green Glucose, broccoli is an essential source of vitamin C and other beneficial compounds. One cup of broccoli has as much vitamin C as an orange.


Collards, like broccoli, are used in cooking and are prized for their health benefits. They’re rich in micronutrients and easy to prepare. Collards belong to broccoli’s family, so the plants have similar benefits.

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Spinach is a leafy green vegetable with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support various benefits. Some take spinach daily for skin, hair, and bone health. Others take it for its rich levels of iron, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, and magnesium, among other benefits.


Cordyceps is a type of fungi widespread in traditional Chinese medicine, where it’s prized for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Cordyceps has surged in popularity worldwide for supporting heart health, energy, and overall disease prevention, among other benefits. Research shows cordyceps are packed with a natural molecule called cordycepin that appears to be linked to healthy inflammation. According to Green Glucose makers, Cordyceps can “support glucose sensitivity.” If you have blood sugar control issues, your body isn’t responding to glucose like it should. The cordyceps in Green Glucose could help enhance glycemic control by supporting glucose sensitivity.


Reishi mushroom, also known as lingzhi mushroom, is favored for its mood and emotional balance effects. Many people take reishi mushrooms daily for their impact on immunity and overall health. According to the Green Glucose manufacturer, Reishi can also increase stress resistance, making it a popular adaptogenic mushroom.

Turkey Tail

Turkey tail mushroom extract, also known as Coriolus versicolor or Trametes versicolor, is used in medicine to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and boost exercise performance, among other benefits. As UCLA Health explains, turkey tail mushrooms appear rich in nonspecific immune system modulators. Turkey tail mushrooms get their name because of their colorful, fan-like shape, which resembles a turkey’s outspread tail. The manufacturers of Green Glucose have added turkey tail to help support “support glucose metabolism.”


Shiitake mushroom is used in cooking more than any other mushroom in Green Glucose. However, it’s also known for its natural medicinal properties, and many supplements use Shiitake. Shiitake mushrooms have a rich flavor but are linked to heart health, immunity, and more. According to the manufacturer, Shiitake can “support a healthy immune response.”

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s mane mushroom extract is a fungus that can protect against dementia, relieve mild symptoms of anxiety and depression, and support nervous system health, among other benefits. Because of these effects, lion’s mane mushroom extract is commonly found in nootropic supplements and brain boosters. However, it can be found in various physical and cognitive health supplements. The manufacturer of Green Glucose added a lion’s mane “to support the natural healing process.”

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King Trumpet

King trumpet mushrooms are the most oversized mushrooms in the oyster mushroom family. They have a distinctive, thick, white stem and golden brown cap. Like other mushrooms in Green Glucose, the king trumpet mushroom has a long history of use in traditional medicine practices worldwide. It’s particularly beneficial for “healthy blood flow,” according to the manufacturer.

Baobab Fiber

One of the best ways to support healthy blood sugar is to get more fiber in your diet. That’s one reason Green Glucose contains baobab fiber and other sources of fiber. The baobab tree has a long history of use in traditional medicine throughout West Africa. Also known as the “tree of life,” the baobab tree could promote healthy blood sugar and digestion, among other benefits.


Sukré is a proprietary sweetener designed as an alternative to erythritol and other sweeteners believed to be harmful. Sukré is roughly as sweet as sugar while being low in calories. Most importantly, Sukré does not appear to raise blood sugar levels. Its glycemic response makes it an ideal sugar substitute for people with diabetes or anyone who wants to avoid spiking blood sugar.


Chromium is an essential mineral in hundreds of body processes. It’s critical for blood sugar, and many people with diabetes take chromium supplements daily to promote healthy blood sugar.

Digestive Enzymes

Green Glucose contains a collection of digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes can help kickstart your body’s digestive processes. Enzymes start working as soon as food enters your mouth. They break down your food, extract its nutritional value, and ensure you can absorb all the active ingredients in your food.


Green Glucose contains a blend of probiotics or beneficial gut bacteria. Many supplements contain colony-forming units (CFUs) of probiotic bacteria to contribute to health and wellness. Like digestive enzymes, probiotics help break down food and extract its nutritional value. If your gut has an imbalanced microbiome, you could experience bloating and other digestive health issues. Green Glucose aims to help by providing you with probiotics, digestive enzymes, and natural sources of fiber, supporting digestion in multiple ways.

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Scientific Evidence for Green Glucose

Can a nutritional supplement support healthy blood sugar? How does Green Glucose work? Is there any science behind the formula? We’ll review the scientific evidence behind Green Glucose below:


Green Glucose contains Spirulina, which is one of the most crucial ingredients. It gives the formula its distinctive color while contributing to its active effects. Studies show taking Spirulina can promote various impacts. A 2001 study, for example, found Spirulina could help control high blood sugar and high cholesterol in a group of patients with type 2 diabetes. Participants took 2g of Spirulina per day for two months or a placebo, and those in the Spirulina group experienced a significant drop in HbA1c levels, fasting blood glucose, total cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol, among other benefits. Because of these findings, researchers concluded Spirulina could improve the lipid profile of subjects with type 2 diabetes.


Cordyceps is a mushroom extract popular in traditional medicine. Some studies have specifically connected cordyceps – and the active ingredient inside cordyceps, cordycepin – to better blood sugar levels. One study found cordyceps was “similar to metformin,” the popular diabetes drug, for lowering blood sugar and supporting overall blood glucose levels. Researchers gave rats cordyceps or a placebo for three weeks in that study. They observed a significant drop in blood sugar and inflammation, concluding cordyceps “has great potential as a new source for diabetes treatment.”


Reishi is another mushroom linked to blood sugar support. A 2019 study published in Molecules found reishi mushroom extract could help with diabetes and insulin resistance. Researchers found Reishi was packed with polysaccharides and triterpenoids, among other natural molecules, that contributed to the active effects of the mushroom extract. Because of these effects, Reishi could be considered “a promising future alternative to conventional therapy of diabetes mellitus.”


Wheatgrass is another essential ingredient in Green Glucose. Like Spirulina, it gives a distinctive green color to the formula while also contributing to its active effects. A 2016 study found wheatgrass had a hypoglycemic impact in a group of rats with type 2 diabetes. Specifically, researchers found wheatgrass increased the metabolization of carbohydrates while limiting the effect on blood sugar, helping rats manage the condition more effectively.

Overall, Green Glucose contains science-backed ingredients that support healthy blood sugar, inflammation, and other aspects of health and wellness. You can maintain healthy blood sugar daily by taking one scoop of Green Glucose powder. Many of the ingredients have been studied explicitly for being safe and effective for people with type 2 diabetes.

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Green Glucose Features

Many green superfood supplements are sold online today, including some with ingredients similar to Green Glucose.

Here are some of the features that separate Green Glucose from other leading supplements:

96% Satisfaction Rate

According to the official website, Green Glucose has a 96% satisfaction rate, with 96% of verified customers rating their experience as 5 out of 5.

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re unhappy, you have 60 days to request a refund on Green Glucose.

Support a Healthy Inflammatory Response

Many of the ingredients in Green Glucose are packed with natural antioxidants, which have been shown to support healthy inflammation throughout the body. Diabetics and others with blood sugar control issues tend to have higher levels of inflammation than others. Taking natural antioxidants could help mitigate this inflammation and support overall health.

Enhance GLP-1 Response

Several ingredients in Green Glucose, including Sukré, are specifically designed to enhance GLP-1 response, helping you maintain healthy blood sugar by activating your body’s natural blood sugar support processes.

Satisfy Cravings

Many customers have lower appetite and fewer hunger cravings after taking Green Glucose daily. For example, You might naturally eat less food without starving yourself. Green Glucose contains fiber and other ingredients that could suppress appetite.

Get More Fiber

95% of adults don’t get their daily recommended fiber intake. Green Glucose contains multiple sources of fiber – including baobab – to enhance daily fiber intake. Fiber is crucial for anyone with blood sugar control issues because it slows the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream.

Organic Fair Trade Baobab

Green Glucose doesn’t just claim to use ordinary baobab. Instead, the manufacturer uses organic, Fair Trade-certified fiber “hand-picked by African women.” The company specifically worked with growers in developing countries dedicated to improving education among women in these areas.

Support Digestion

Fiber and other active ingredients in Green Glucose can do more than support healthy blood sugar; they can also help digestion. Fiber feeds your gut bacteria, contributing to a thriving gut microbiome. If you’re not getting enough fiber, then the probiotic bacteria in your gut aren’t getting the fuel they need to survive and thrive. Green Glucose is formulated with several ingredients to aid digestion in different ways.

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Green Glucose Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

According to the official website, 96% of customers have rated their Green Glucose experience 5 out of 5. In general, Green Glucose seems to be working well for its customers, who are satisfied with the supplement

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official website:

One customer claims to be “drinking Green Glucose every single morning” because it “keeps my blood sugar within normal limits” while boosting energy.

Some customers use Green Glucose because they’re busy and on the go, making it hard to get adequate nutrition throughout the day. She likes green glucose because it gives her “instant energy,” reduces cravings, and helps her lose weight. She takes Green Glucose instead of breakfast, and the supplement also improves her sleep and digestion.

Green Glucose is publicly endorsed by nutritionist Mark Smith, who describes the supplement as “a simple and effective way to stay healthy.”

One customer quoted on the official website likes how Green Glucose uses baobab tree extract. Fiber-rich trees have recently surged in popularity across the supplement space. Green Glucose received praise for using fair-trade baobab trees and contributing to women’s education in certain areas.

Most customers are happy with the taste of the formula. While other green superfood formulas have a sickly sweet flavor or unpleasant grassy taste, Green Glucose has the right blend of sweetness and flavor.

Some customers take Green Glucose because of blood sugar issues, while others take it for general health and wellness. You don’t have to have diabetes or other blood sugar issues to take Green Glucose daily.

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Green Glucose Pricing

Green Glucose is priced at $79 per tub, with each tub containing 28 servings (28 scoops). The more tubs you buy, the more you can save.


Here’s how pricing works when ordering Green Glucose online today:

  • Order one jar for $79 + Shipping
  • Order three jars for $177 ($59 Per tub) + Free Shipping + Secret Gift
  • Order six jars for $294 ($49 Per tub) + Free Shipping + Secret Gift

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Green Glucose Refund Policy

Green Glucose has a 60-day money-back guarantee. You have 60 days to try the supplement and decide if you like it, then request a complete refund if you’re unhappy.

About Green Glucose

Green Glucose is manufactured in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility by a company that does business under the same name.

You can contact the manufacturer of Green Glucose via the following:

  • Email: support@greenglucose.com

Final Word on Green Glucose

Green Glucose is a supplement that supports healthy blood sugar levels. It contains a blend of probiotics, digestive enzymes, green superfoods, and plant extracts that promote overall health and wellness.

By taking Green Glucose daily, you could get a blend of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and nutrients to support blood sugar control, weight management, appetite control, and more.

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