World leaders have figured it out: You can play America by playing to the president’s fragile ego

By David Rothkopf Los Angeles Times Never mind nuclear fears about North…

  • May 4th, 2018

What Trump calls ‘fake news’ is mostly ‘bad news’ for him

By Carl P. Leubsdorf The Dallas Morning News To President Donald Trump,…

  • May 2nd, 2018

Why fire one congressional chaplain when we can fire them all?

By Eric Zorn Chicago Tribune Washington is asking why U.S. House Speaker…

  • May 2nd, 2018

The White House correspondents dinner, and other institutions, are being divided and conquered

By Chuck Raasch St. Louis Post-Dispatch WASHINGTON, D.C. — The White House…

  • May 1st, 2018

Trump may go too far in alienating Europe

By Leonid Bershidsky Bloomberg News President Donald Trump has been determined to…

  • May 1st, 2018

John M. Crisp: An opportunity to dispense with the House chaplain

By John M. Crisp Tribune News Service May 24 will be the…

  • May 1st, 2018

Nancy Kaffer: After Toronto van attack, why isn’t violence against women a red flag?

By Nancy Kaffer Detroit Free Press Men who hurt women, or talk…

  • May 1st, 2018

Congress is shocked, shocked!, at how lobbyists’ money works

By Martin Schram Tribune News Service Casablanca-on-the-Potomac was open for business early…

  • Apr 27th, 2018

Gun rights advocates may cede more ground than had failed bill become law

OLYMPIA — Gun rights activists and their legislative allies may have messed…

  • Apr 27th, 2018

America still needs its ‘new seed’ immigrants

By By Francis Wilkinson Bloomberg View The case for high-skilled immigration to…

  • Apr 25th, 2018

Will Trump surprise us with North Korea?

By Jay Ambrose Tribune News Service President Donald Trump is full of…

  • Apr 25th, 2018

Commentary: What both sides miss in abortion debate

By Gloria Johns Tribune News Service In terms of pro-choice and pro-life,…

  • Apr 24th, 2018

Trudy Rubin: Report from Moscow: Not the Cold War, not WWIII: What to look for from Russia

MOSCOW — Is the United States embroiled in a new Cold War…

  • Apr 24th, 2018

Rick Anderson giving retirement another shot

Maybe I’ve mentioned this before and maybe I haven’t but those who…

  • Apr 21st, 2018

Commentary: Facebook likes us. It really likes us

By Virginia Heffernan Los Angeles Times There’s a quality of urban life…

  • Apr 19th, 2018

Nancy Kaffer: Paul Ryan is leaving, but his politics aren’t

By Nancy Kaffer Detroit Free Press You know what I’ll always remember…

  • Apr 19th, 2018

Commentary: Who will spur the next energy revolution? Not private industry

We can’t lose ground in alternative energy development

  • Apr 18th, 2018

David Zurawik: Just when you thought Sean Hannity couldn’t sink any lower … enter the Michael Cohen conflict

If it’s no big deal, why didn’t Hannity disclose relationship.

  • Apr 18th, 2018

Trump’s strike on Syria will achieve next to nothing

By Doyle McManus Los Angeles Times Soon, perhaps by the time you…

  • Apr 13th, 2018

Washington public school teachers positioned for hefty pay raises

By Jerry Cornfield Everett Herald OLYMPIA — Washington public school teachers are…

  • Apr 13th, 2018