We need to stay the course with clean energy

The decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement was short-sighted and ill-advised.

  • Aug 28th, 2017

Jules Witcover: A presidency under siege

The departure of Steve Bannon as President Trump’s chief strategist has opened a can of worms.

  • Aug 24th, 2017

Rex Huppke: Trump, you’re right: We should embrace you, coddle you

After watching Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Phoenix, it became clear that…

  • Aug 24th, 2017

Trump’s strategy on Afghanistan takes US in right direction

He was essentially correct in his analysis of many aspects of the conflict.

  • Aug 24th, 2017

The true genius of comedian Jerry Lewis

For more than four decades, Jerry Lewis united Americans in an annual…

  • Aug 23rd, 2017

Trudy Rubin: Afghanistan is Trump’s war now

Trump’s new policy contained several shifts in direction that could make a difference on the ground.

  • Aug 23rd, 2017

Career advice for restless Capitol Hill GOP staffers

Preserve your integrity

  • Aug 21st, 2017

Trump wearing out his welcome in many venues

He’s scheduled a political rally for Tuesday in Phoenix even though the mayor asked him to stay away.

  • Aug 21st, 2017

North Korea, Donald Trump and the ticking Doomsday Clock

On Jan. 26, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, whose board of…

  • Aug 16th, 2017

An intruder, a handgun, and what happened next

My first instinct was to grab a handgun and brace myself for a confrontation. Then I thought twice.

  • Aug 15th, 2017

Dahleen Glanton: Angry white men are fueling racial violence

To get to the root of the escalation of bigotry in America, we must acknowledge who is fueling it.

  • Aug 15th, 2017

Timothy L. O’Brien: Why Trump can’t respond to Charlottesville

He’s never distanced himself from the white nationalists who have been among his most visible backers

  • Aug 15th, 2017

Finishing Unfinished Business in Olympia

The capital budget

  • Aug 8th, 2017

Michelle Carter deserves sympathy and help, not prison

Commentary by Amanda Knox

  • Aug 7th, 2017

A conservative takes a stand against Trump

Jeff Flake may be President Donald Trump’s No. 1 enemy among congressional Republicans.

  • Aug 4th, 2017