The Pompeo Doctrine isn’t so different from the Obama Doctrine

Ten years ago, President Barack Obama traveled to Cairo to open a new dialogue with the world’s Muslims. On Thursday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to Cairo to offer a rebuttal.

  • Jan 15th, 2019

Male-only no more: The next House Speaker will be a woman

The Frank Chopp era will end soon. Everett’s Robinson is among a crowd of women who may seek the job.

  • Jan 12th, 2019

Trump’s border wall fight is really a struggle for America’s identity

It’s a confrontation between two sharply different concepts of the United States: one more purist, one more melting pot.

  • Jan 12th, 2019

‘Compromise’ wasn’t always a dirty word

We live in an age in which compromise is often interpreted as weakness and penalized at the next election.

  • Jan 10th, 2019

Enthusiasm for Elizabeth Warren shows Dems want a bold, authentic Trump challenger

The Massachusetts senator has much going for her that excites Democrats.

  • Jan 10th, 2019

As women take Congress, misogynists lash out

A crew of men in right-wing media and politics seems to believe they’ve tolerated this whole women-in-power exercise for too long.

  • Jan 9th, 2019

Here’s a fix for big-time college sports

Football and basketball players in the top-ranked NCAA Division I programs are getting a bad shake.

  • Jan 9th, 2019

Federal flood insurance is a mess, and it’ll be expensive to fix

This year is the 50th anniversary of the National Flood Insurance Program, and this federally subsidized program has not aged well.

  • Jan 8th, 2019

House Republicans came back from being written off before; they can again

When it comes to the GOP’s 2018 loss of the House, perhaps a little historical perspective might be in order.

  • Jan 8th, 2019

Building a better world through travel abroad

Probably the most significant benefit to travel is learning about others’ culture and daily lives.

  • Jan 7th, 2019

Sound Transit probably won’t be ignored by lawmakers in 2019

Car tab relief is one topic. How directors of the regional transit authority are chosen is another.

  • Jan 5th, 2019

A wall is easier to build than to tear down

The budgetary stalemate persists, prolonged by the tension between two equally preposterous ideas.

  • Jan 3rd, 2019

Let’s not make a mountain out of a MAGA hat

By Michael McGough Los Angeles Times There’s a maxim in the law…

  • Jan 3rd, 2019

The need for Fox News in a time of chaos

Even without Charles Krauthammer, much of it is pretty darned intelligent and insightful.

  • Jan 3rd, 2019

No, Mr. Trump, the press is only the enemy of lies

Trump poses the greatest challenge to a free press at least since President Richard Nixon.

  • Jan 2nd, 2019

Trump is keeping the government shut down over an immigration crisis that doesn’t exist

The federal government remains in a partial shutdown as President Donald Trump digs in his heels (good thing those bone spurs got better) over his silly wall.

  • Jan 2nd, 2019

Cry of ‘fake news’ is more than just wrong — it’s nationally destructive

Keep it up, America, and you’ll be going the way of the Roman Empire.

  • Jan 1st, 2019

High hopes for 2019: more laughs, fewer potholes

Here are a few changes that we could all applaud if they should occur in 2019.

  • Jan 1st, 2019

An old tax idea is being resurrected for the new year

An old idea for boosting tax receipts is getting revived and repurposed for 2019.

  • Dec 29th, 2018

Another year, more predictions

Last year, we correctly foresaw Democratic capture of the House and a Las Vegas-Washington Stanley Cup final.

  • Dec 29th, 2018