How D.C.’s Democrats have become irrelevant

Our democracy needs at least two parties — two vibrant, imperfect, competing political organizations as a check on one another.

  • Nov 1st, 2017

It appears Kremlin was playing both sides against each other

Rarely have two political candidates been so worthy of each other in terms of cynicism. No wonder Russian President Vladimir Putin dealt himself in.

  • Oct 28th, 2017

What happens when GOP moderates abandon the field?

The bottom has fallen out of the Republican Party. Well, not the bottom exactly. More like the middle.

  • Oct 28th, 2017

Current hysteria has parallels with early 20th century

Given all of the parallels, it’s probably no surprise that U.S. society fractured along similar lines in both eras.

  • Oct 26th, 2017

Green Bay Packers should sign Kaepernick

He remains one of the most talented athletes in the world, but thus far no franchise has had the courage to sign him.

  • Oct 26th, 2017

Post, ‘60 Minutes’ expose prove the power of mainstream media

America’s newspaper presses are still rolling and, when linked with the power of the national camera, their impact can still be lethally quick.

  • Oct 25th, 2017

Trump’s first nine months? Not so huge

There’s a bit of a phony debate breaking out about Donald Trump’s accomplishments.

  • Oct 25th, 2017

Speculation about Trump re-election is irrelevant

It’s all interesting — and irrelevant. Informed speculation awaits answers to five questions.

  • Oct 24th, 2017

#metoo just another way for women to jump on sympathy bandwagon

Social media has made it impossible to have any conversation about any topic without devolving into the trite, the shallow and the tweeted.

  • Oct 21st, 2017

State Supreme Court taking on education funding adequacy

The leader of Washington’s public school system will be closely monitoring the proceedings.

  • Oct 21st, 2017

NFL owners engaged in window dressing over protests

Some NFL team owners are driven by the ruthless pursuit of profit, and black bodies are their stock in trade.

  • Oct 19th, 2017

Was the fall of Rome a biological phenomenon?

We should beware of the sinister ability of pathogen evolution to thwart our cleverest weapons.

  • Oct 19th, 2017

#MeToo, I see you, and #YesIHave

The #MeToo posts demand a hashtag in response as a show of solidarity and a claiming of responsibility.

  • Oct 18th, 2017

Trump’s disastrous war on the ACA

This is no way to run a health care system, and no way to run a government.

  • Oct 18th, 2017

GOP seriously discussing gun control? Don’t bet on it

What Republicans are really doing is preparing to make lethal weapons more accessible.

  • Oct 12th, 2017

Trump can’t be a successful president alone

He has attacked, lied about, demeaned, ignored or otherwise alienated a host of GOP senators.

  • Oct 12th, 2017

Let’s get some details on the tax reform proposal

Congress needs to fill in those missing details, making sure the final plan doesn’t add to the national debt.

  • Oct 11th, 2017

Trump’s decision on nuclear deal is about more than just Iran

If you don’t know Trump despises the deal, you haven’t been listening these past two years.

  • Oct 11th, 2017

A narrow gun bill that could pass is better than an expansive one that won’t

There actually is a proposal that would make it more difficult for the next Stephen Paddock to kill and injure so many people.

  • Oct 10th, 2017