There didn’t seem to be a significant impact to Grays Harbor area business.

  • Wed Dec 20th, 2017 12:05pm
  • News

As responders dealt with the immediate aftermath of Monday’s Amtrak train derailment near Dupont, there didn’t seem to be a significant impact to Grays Harbor area business.

An informal canvass of about a dozen businesses turned up just a couple that experienced supply delays, but they said they were able to work around it.

Of the four businesses Greater Grays Harbor CEO Dru Garson reached out to Tuesday, only one reported having delivery delays, a wood processing company which did not wish to be named.

“Of the people I got a hold of, they said no big impact, but for one it did have some logistic issues,” said Garson, who also spoke to representatives from local seafood and chemical manufacturing companies. “For that one place, the truck deliveries had to get rerouted from Seattle, just complications with logistics for trucks and trains. Nothing that makes them grind to a halt, though.”

Safeway in Aberdeen also experienced delays, as store director Patti Kennedy said their normal truck deliveries arrived at 12:30 a.m., eight hours past the usual 3 p.m. arrival.

“We just adjusted our employees’ schedule, which they did a fabulous job of accommodating to ensure we got the product out on the shelves,” said Kennedy, noting that the store gets deliveries every day of the week to restock perishables along with other goods.

To accommodate the delay, late-night employees were rescheduled to stay until 1 a.m. Managers then figured out an alternate route from the Safeway warehouse in Auburn that went north through Belfair and Shelton to dodge the closed portion of Interstate 5. Kennedy said the deliveries should be back on schedule now.

“I think they’re caught up at the warehouse now and have alternate routes to go,” she said.

Port of Grays Harbor Public Affairs Manager Kayla Dunlap said she had yet to hear of any major delays due to the derailment for county shipping trains or trucks, but guessed the holiday traffic could change that.

“I’m sure trucks are going to be impacted and probably some holiday deliveries,” said Dunlap.