DAN HAMMOCK | THE DAILY WORLD A new mental health and addiction clinic has opened in Aberdeen. Lifeline Connections opened its doors Monday and can supply a wide range of services, from evaluations to custom treatment plans for those with drug and alcohol addictions and mental health problems.

New option available for those seeking mental health, substance abuse treatment in Aberdeen

A new option for mental health and substance abuse treatment is now open at 311 South I Street in Aberdeen.

Lifeline Connections, a non-profit based in Vancouver that’s been providing mental health and substance abuse treatment in Southwest Washington since 1962 and currently has an office in South Bend in Pacific County, will offer a “full array of mental health services and outpatient services,” at the Aberdeen location, according to Lifeline Connections spokeswoman Shannon Edgel.

“We are just really looking at making the entire person, their whole being, well,” she said. “We provide a full continuum of care. We don’t want people falling by the wayside.”

Patients will first go through an assessment so the staff at Lifeline can develop a treatment plan that is tailored to each individual. From there, the accredited staff can help with one-on-one and group counseling, a recovery coach, a relapse prevention program and more as part of their outpatient treatment. For those seeking deferred prosecution from a DUI charge, the certified staff can provide the assessment and the treatment needed to satisfy the courts, and to help the patient with their addiction.

At this time, Lifeline does not offer medication treatment for opioid addiction. “We are not doing that now, but we plan to,” said Edgel. “When we do start offering medication, the individuals will have to be involved in our treatment services. They have to make a commitment to the program.”

Edgel said if a patient is in need of inpatient treatment, they can have their assessment at the Aberdeen office, then can do their 30-day detox or whatever is required in their Vancouver facility, and get follow-up care through the Aberdeen office.

Lifeline will accept Medicaid – or Washington Apple Health as it’s known in Washington – and almost all private insurance as well, said Edgel.

Office hours at the Aberdeen location are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. with some evening appointments available and possible expansion into weekend hours in the future. People seeking help with mental health or substance abuse issues can contact the Aberdeen location at (360) 787-9319. For complete details on the treatment offered by Lifeline visit them on the web at www.lifelineconnections.org.