In 1993, Taholah teacher tears up at terrific test scores

  • Thu Dec 6th, 2018 1:30am
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75 years ago

December 6, 1943

Operations at Rayonier’s big Hoquiam pulp and paper mill were completely down today after a long-standing “slowdown” came to a climax with the posting of pickets Saturday night, according to Manager Lyall Tracy.

Final operations in the plant came to an end at 11 o’clock last night when the pulp machine closed down. The paper machine went down at 9 o’clock.

The picket lines were declared small, varying from two to a dozen men.

Mr. Tracy said today he had not been approached by any of the workmen nor had any demands been made upon the company. He said the plant has been for some time undergoing a “slowdown” which culminated in filing of suits for damages against a number of workers late last week.

December 7, 1943

With its big plant still picketed and idle, Rayonier Inc. said today no overtures had been made to the company for settlement of a dispute which completely halted operations Sunday.

Pickets still patrolled the plant entrance today and all work is at a standstill. Some 600 Rayonier employes are idle.

50 years ago

December 6, 1968

Grays Harbor’s first “shopping center” may open in May, a Seattle developer announced yesterday.

William Buchanan said that his firm intends to build a 67,500-square-foot shopping center on a parcel of land immediately to the west of Harbor Thriftway on Simpson Avenue.

First of the stores to go in, he said, will be a Wigwam store, which bills itself as a “junior department store.”

Also planned for the center are a fabric store, a hardware store, an automotive center, a drugstore, barber shop and beauty shop.

December 7, 1968

An Army medic from Aberdeen who was drafted as a conscientious objector says he would not kill to save his own life, but would to protect a patient.

Daniel Passmore was featured in the Nov. 14 issue of Stars and Stripes. Serving with the First Infantry Division, he was recently promoted to Spec. 5 after only 15 months in service.

Passmore serves with an ambush battalion and has received two Purple Heart medals for combat wounds. He told Stars and Stripes that God has protected his life and that the taking of life is only God’s to do.

25 years ago

December 6, 1993

When a teacher cries over test scores, it’s usually not a good sign. But Karen Brougher couldn’t have been happier.

The standardized test results for her 10 eighth-grade students at Taholah, brought tears to the teacher’s eyes, a banana split party for the class and lots of pride and hope for the students, school and community.

This fall, Brougher taught math for 2¼ hours each day, and when results came in on the Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills recently, the group scored way above average — in the 75th percentile in math. That’s up from less than the 10 percentile these same students scored in May of 1993.

December 7, 1993

Heidi Bale, a Grays Harbor Community Hospital emergency room nurse, is spending her off hours telling Twin Harborites how to avoid seeing her at work.

Accidents on bicycles are now one of the leading causes of death of boys 10 to 14. She recently talked to Cosmopolis 4-6th graders. “God didn’t design your body so that the head is the landing pad,” she said. Falling over the front of your bicycle after hitting a bump in the road is about the same force on your arms, shoulders and head as if you’d fallen from a three-story building.

“We can’t fix broken brains,” she said. “A lot of you think that wearing a helmet isn’t cool, but there are different styles and you can decorate it. Besides you wouldn’t go up to a fighter pilot, a Seahawks player or Mario Andretti and call them a sissy.”

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom