Photos by Bri Bonell ABOVE: Julayne Fleury plays the lead role in “Hannah, Standing Up.” BELOW LEFT: Aberdeen attorney Gary Morean plays Judge Ron. BELOW RIGHT: From left, Julayne Fleury as Hannah, Sadie Karl as Percy and Dylan Moodenbaugh as Donovan.

GHC’s fall drama opens Friday

  • Wed Nov 8th, 2017 7:00pm
  • Life

Grays Harbor College’s fall drama opens Friday at the Bishop Center for Performing Arts.

“Hannah, Standing Up” tells the story of a woman who finds herself without a job or health insurance and separated from her husband and daughter. She’s given the option of doing standup comedy in an empty theater for her psychotherapy. She returns to court to win her rights back — but is she the plaintiff or the defendant?

Gary Morean, a partner in Aberdeen law firm Ingram, Zelasko & Goodwin LLP, portrays the town’s newly elected mayor/judge in the political satire.

The play is “badly needed comic relief,” he says in a Bishop Center video posted on Facebook. “Whether you’re a conservative or a liberal, we all are living in an interesting time, and this show is a cure-all for whatever ails you.”

Morean describes the setting as a community where, in order to protect the local citizens, “we’ve taken away some of their superfluous freedoms — the press and travel and association with family members, little things like that. And we’ve limited their wasteful and dangerous access to things like cellphones and internet.”

The play was written by Lynne Lerych, who teaches English, film interpretation, playwriting and more at the college. GHC’s Brad Duffy is the director, and the lead role is played by Julayne Fleury, a former GHC student.

The play will run for the next two weekends, with the curtain rising at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Nov. 10-11 and 17-18. All tickets are $10.

The Bishop Center is at 1620 Edward P. Smith Drive, on the Grays Harbor College campus in Aberdeen.

For more information or to buy tickets, visit


(Photo by Bri Bonell) Aberdeen attorney Gary Morean plays Judge Ron in “Hannah, Standing Up.”

(Photo by Bri Bonell) From left, Julayne Fleury as Hannah, Sadie Karl as Percy and Dylan Moodenbaugh as Donovan in “Hannah, Standing Up.”